About Bruno Pacerini Moreno

Architect and Urban Planner


I have graduated with an honors degree in Architecture and Urbanism, from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo. I have also completed a master in Building technology from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona . I am interested in all aspects from Design and Implementation to the ongoing maintenance of construction projects. I have experience gained both at University and externally in the development and implementation of small, medium and large scale construction designs. I have extensive experience using the following graphic design software; Autocad 2D & 3D, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Sketchup, Revit and Microsoft Office Applications.

  • Graduated at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo
  • Master in Building Technology at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya in Barcelona
  • Portuguese / English / Spanish / Italian

Professional Experiences

After 10 years working as anarchitect, I have been heavily involved in a bank agency projects for Caixa Economica Federal, Bank of Brasil and Santander. I have been lucky enough to work alongside seasoned professionals whilst completing projects for Accor Hotels and The Heritage Foundation of the Energy and Sanitation of Sao Paulo; which consists of companies that supply energy for much of Sao Paulo. This experience coupled with my knowledge of design and implementation has given me a good all round understanding of how to design and more importantly, deliver; successful , creative and innovative projects.

Whilst overseeing the construction and expansion of residential areas on the South Coast of Brazil I Worked alongside civil engineers, designing all required structural systems; including plumbing, electricity, coatings, roofing and interior design.

Our goal

With a team of electrical, structural and mechanic engineers, I can offer you a quality service that follows all the rules and lines, that are essential for the realization of a good project. Our goals are:

1. Constant improvements in every aspect of the building construction.

2. Provide the highest level of quality and service beyond our competitors.

3. Growth of the company not only through increased volume but also through technological and organizational improvement.

4. Offer a pleasant and successful environment to all participants; the bank, the investor, the agent, the contractor, and the homeowner.

5. Last but not least love and enjoy what we do.

We also propose to expand our knowledge in the field, through more specialization courses and new practices experiences of designing, supervising and the organizing new buildings and existing ones.


Property survey or existing ground

Physical survey of the existing property, and transcription to computer of the measurements of the floor plan, the different sections and the elevations needed in order to carry out the proposed reform or new plants. The survey will take a photographic archive.

Proposal Preparation

The carrying out of proposals, schematic design (Draft) and some 3D images, subject to customer requirements and the technical feasibility proposal of the architect in charge.

Technical report

Administrative technical report containing data of properties and their current situation, and showing that the proposal of the unit is exposed to the estimated cost aspects of new property legislation and technical feasibility.

Construction documentation

Construction documentation project, air conditioning, electrics and structure for implementation in the field.

Cost management

Estimated cost sheet, taking into account what will be spent on the architectural project, air conditioning, electrics and structure. The schedule should be discussed with the head of construction.

Carry out site inspections

Weekly visits to the site where the work is being carried out to see if the construction is on schedule and the stipulations in the executive report are being met. The customer will get a work report containing a photographic archive of each visit.

Legalization of property

Weekly visits to the corresponding council, with the objective of availability and legalizing the property in their city.


Some of the work done.

Our Clients

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