Retractable glass cover

If you want to cover your garage, pool or terrace without losing natural light, you can opt for a glass cover. On the market, there are also retractable models that bring ventilation and greater comfort to the hottest days, in addition to the luxury and glamor of a convertible car, which enchants visitors.

It comes with a modern and sophisticated system of adding an open area of ​​your apartment as a leisure and living area, garage, terrace or even the possibility of installing a Hot Tub or Spa with Hydromassage, or even a small swimming pool.

The combination of Articulated Glass (those called Balcony Glazing) and the retractable glass cover preserve the health of the environment, maintaining ventilation on hot days and sheltering on rainy and cold days. The possibility of partial opening (open only as much as you want) is a way of controlling the comfort of the environment, so we don’t have “all or nothing”. This fine adjustment is in your hands through a remote control that comes with your Cover.

Normally for the coating of the metallic structure, 8mm tempered glass with lamination on the bottom face is recommended, composed of 4μ thick polyester protective films, which ensures that, in case of breaking the glass, it remains attached to the structure. and, by applying the PS4 protection to the base of the glass, no glass fragments fall into the environment, eliminating the possibility of accidents due to cutting by breaking the glass.

For the metal structure, welded galvanized steel is recommended, with antioxidant treatment with Phosphoric Acid (WP), Universal Fund (that of the tinker) and a final finish with Lacquer-Nitrocellulose in white or black color.

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