Our work methodology consists of the following steps:

1. Briefing

We will conduct interviews with the client to verify their needs and expectations. We evaluate the limitations of the physical space and the existing structure.

The client must provide all the technical information of the space: floor plans, views, updated sections, in addition to specific information such as: current complementary projects, structural design, electrical, hydraulic installations, air conditioning, fire, logic and others that may influence the solutions of project.

2. Contract

We define in the contract which services will be delivered, terms, modifications, remuneration, termination clauses, as well as the responsibilities of the office and the client in the process.

3. Property survey or existing ground

In this step, the current property or land will be surveyed. After this stage, we will seek to optimize the solutions for the project in question. Rendered floor plans, sections, views and perspectives in 3D will be developed.

4. Alignment meeting

At this meeting the proposal will be presented to the client, with all the graphic material made. The same will make all the considerations it deems pertinent.

5. Revisions

All requested revisions will be made until alignment and final acceptance of the submitted project.

6. Executive projects

Executive civil, architecture, electrical and air conditioning projects will be developed, making the project fit for construction.

7. Cost / memorial worksheet

Estimated works cost spreadsheets are assembled, taking into account what will be spent on civil, electrical and air conditioning, a work schedule that should be discussed with the person responsible for execution and the descriptive memorial

8. Enforcement / Supervision

Inspections of the site where the work is being done, to check if the construction company is following the project and the schedule and what was stipulated in the executive project. The client will receive a construction report containing a photographic file of each survey.

9. Delivery / Warranty

Ready. Project finalized and delivered, with the fulfillment of the guarantees established in the contract.

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