If some time ago the kitchen was known as an all white room and only with neutral and light tones, today the environment is already integrated into the house and has become one of the most important when designing home decor, after all there is nothing better. than cooking and eating with the family in

Nowadays, taking advantage of all spaces in a rational way is a necessity in times when spaces in the apartment are increasingly reduced. One of the spaces that can be reused in another function is the balconies, even the small ones, can become good offices. At the beginning of the home work and electronic equipment

Some phases of life are marked by good changes. One is the construction or renovation of a house. Perhaps, this is one of the greatest desires of Brazilians. Being able to maintain a property or renovate a space is really exciting, but it also scares a lot of people. This is because we know that

Retractable glass cover

If you want to cover your garage, pool or terrace without losing natural light, you can opt for a glass cover. On the market, there are also retractable models that bring ventilation and greater comfort to the hottest days, in addition to the luxury and glamor of a convertible car, which enchants visitors. It comes

Renovation without disturbance

Before starting a renovation several details need to be analyzed in order to alleviate future problems. Projects, budget, quotations and labor. However, there is a detail that few people pay attention to: the inconvenience of the work to the neighbors. After all, everyone knows that any noise bothers, not to mention the dirt and even

Ideas for winter gardens

The winter garden originates from the cold countries where people wanted to have the green indoors even in the middle of snow. As most plants do not survive in low temperatures, the solution was to create an environment attached to the house, which could be a closed balcony, or an integrated space in a home

TV stands in different environments

In small or integrated environments, where there is no space to install the TV, there are some simple options that can solve your problems and bring a contemporary and youthful look to your space. In this system, the TV is built into the ceiling and leaves the compartment through the remote control activated by the


Skylight is a type of zenith lighting, where it is possible to optimize the entry of natural light into the environment. Due to its horizontality, the skylight illuminates up to eight times more than a window of the same size. It is an opening in the building’s roof that allows the passage of light and,

Corporate office projects

A current market trend for corporate office design is to invest in modern and dynamic environments, which increase productivity in the work environment. In a modern office layout it is important to balance private and collective. Therefore, much is thought about bringing teams together in offices that result from the end of partitions or walls.

The Solar Panel, composed of photovoltaic modules or solar plates (popular name), is one of the key equipment of a solar photovoltaic system and is responsible for converting sunlight into electrical energy, with a standard useful life of 25 years and resistant to the most adverse climatic conditions. When we mention solar photovoltaic systems, the

This week Black Friday will take place. Because of this, there is no more opportune time to redesign your home decor and remove from the drawer that renovation that you dreamed of, but has not yet happened. Some decoration and building materials stores will have their doors open with promotions that can be interesting to

With Christmas coming many families begin to plan the Christmas decoration to make the house more beautiful, cozy and with a holiday atmosphere. There are those who prefer to invest in large arrangements and ornaments for Christmas decoration, however, there are also those who prefer to make a simple, improvised Christmas decoration, but no less

If building an exquisite property is in your plans, you need to know that high-end homes require planning from the start. The project must involve qualified professionals and attention at all stages. In addition, for a property to be considered of a high standard, it needs to have some special characteristics. An original design is

With the beginning of the pandemic, works and renovations in private condominium units were suspended, causing great controversy during the pandemic. This measure was adopted in several condominiums for protection, safety and health of the residents, since the reduction of the contagion of COVID-19 is linked to the reduction of the movement and agglomeration of

Glass and suspended pools

With a different look, the glass pools decorate houses and commercial environments like hotels and inns valuing the property in an immeasurable way, besides providing unique moments for the family. Pools made of glass fascinate even the most demanding of users with their modern and imposing look. However, in addition to the singular beauty, it

Windows with anti-noise glass

Horns, heavy traffic, bars, barking, sirens,… these are the dreaded sounds of life in a big city. They invade our daily lives during work, social life, traffic and even during our well-deserved sleep. Living with this acoustic chaos is very difficult when it comes to resting. What we want most is to isolate ourselves from

In some cases, the resource is the only viable technique to solve project constraints, such as the lack of space to support reforms and complex land. Suspended in the air, the cantilevered structure is an architectural feature that gives visual lightness to the project and eases the circulation below it, as it extends in a

Online architecture consultancy

Online architecture consultancy is a service offered by our architects to present solutions, answer questions and make suggestions about projects, purchase of real estate, interior design and everything else that is part of this universe. It is much faster and more practical than conventional and face-to-face architecture. Thus, it requires less from the professional and

Often the entrance hall is a space that goes unnoticed or does not receive any special care when it is decorated, which is a great waste. This space in the house can have great potential and in addition to helping to decorate your home it can also become an auxiliary area offering space for storage,