Offices mounted on the balcony of the apartments

Nowadays, taking advantage of all spaces in a rational way is a necessity in times when spaces in the apartment are increasingly reduced. One of the spaces that can be reused in another function is the balconies, even the small ones, can become good offices.

At the beginning of the home work and electronic equipment and furniture were much larger than today. They needed heavier furniture and the storage areas also took up a lot of space.

Today, the needs are different and projects can be solved with much less furniture, but some precautions are always important: circulation, lighting and thermal comfort.

Circulation in very narrow spaces takes care of itself. The office will be a corridor and care must be taken with comfort for the user.

Lighting should privilege natural, when possible, providing comfort for those who work at night. Light points on the ceiling and on the workbench must be well planned, as well as the sockets.

Heating and cooling comfort need to be well resolved so that there is not only natural ventilation, but also the provision of appliances that minimize excesses of both cold and heat.

Here are some suggestions with images from the web that show the most diverse types of use and that serve as inspiration for conversations with your designer, whether architect or interior designer.

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