Glass and suspended pools

With a different look, the glass pools decorate houses and commercial environments like hotels and inns valuing the property in an immeasurable way, besides providing unique moments for the family.

Pools made of glass fascinate even the most demanding of users with their modern and imposing look. However, in addition to the singular beauty, it is necessary to consider (first of all) the safety that swimming pools should offer.

When the right technology is applied, glass is an extremely resistant material; and to guarantee the application of the perfect technique, it is recommended to hire the services of companies specialized in the segment.

The calculations performed must consider all variables, including dimensioning the pool glass to withstand water pressure. From the calculations, the correct structure is defined, with fittings, assemblies and types of glass indicated.

05 advantages of swimming pools made of glass

01 – Durability

Glass is a material that presents little deterioration and can be very resistant. These two characteristics guarantee the durability of the glass and, consequently, of the entire structure made of glass.

However, it is important to be aware that the quality of the other elements of the pool must be in line with the quality that the glass offers. The use of chlorine-resistant silicone pool sealants, for example, increases the durability of the pool made with glass.

02 – Aesthetic decoration

The sophisticated look of the pools made of glass adds value to any architectural / decorative project. The novelty of being able to see the interior of the pool guarantees the uniqueness of the project, in addition to that it is possible to combine the pool glass with different colors and details of the coverings, which opens up a huge decorative fan.

In addition, we can adapt this model to be installed on uneven terrain or even suspended (glass pool at heights). In this case, specialized teams will also consider whether the entire structure will guarantee the weight of the suspended glass pool.

03 – Easy maintenance

The easy maintenance of swimming pools made of glass can be seen in two aspects. The first is related to cleaning. The glass surface accumulates less organic matter (dirt) when compared to other materials; in addition, cleaning is easy to perform and does not require the use of specific products.

The second aspect of maintenance is related to the repairs that the glass pool requires. When manufactured by serious companies, this model requires few repairs and, when necessary, maintenance (preventive or corrective) is carried out without major problems.

It is good to remember that during the manufacture of the glass pool several tests must be carried out. Among them, the structure is watertight – it receives water and is monitored preventively to point out and cancel possible leaks.

04 – User safety

To enjoy all the advantages of the glass pool, the glass used in the manufacture must be laminated (safety glass). Laminated glass receives this name because it is manufactured from two or more sheets of glass joined through a special film (PVB).

In the case of glass pools, it is possible to choose plates with several laminations and more resistant films – such as Sentry Glas®, which are designed for applications in structures that require more resistance, such as swimming pools, glass walls, store windows, guardhouses, etc. The plates used in these projects, with some proportions, are equipped with armored glass (multilamination).

It is also good to remember that the laminated glass does not detach from the structure when broken, keeping that particular gap closed. Furthermore, lamination offers a multitude of combinations, such as laminated tempered glass – which takes advantage of the main qualities of both technologies and increases the strength of the glass plate.

05 – Property valuation

These advantages of the glass pool promote a positive scenario: the appreciation of your property. Take into account some of the aspects mentioned below to realize that:

– They are among the most exotic pool models in the world;

– The glass allows the use of lighting in other points of the pool.

– Glass pools can unite safety, comfort, leisure and functionality;

– They are versatile, imposing and totally innovative.

It is possible to choose glass sides, glass pool, glass pool window or even design the entire glass pool. The structure of the project is designed according to conventional pools, with concrete bases, drains and effective waterproofing.

There are already some projects around the world where this dream has already come true. Among them we can mention:

Shaw House / Vancouver

The Shaw house is located on a narrow plot by the sea on the south coast of the English Bay. Views of the site extend across the bay, covering the skyline of downtown Vancouver and, beyond, the mountains on the north shore of the bay. The house is organized with seating areas positioned on a grill, a music room below and a single room, office and Olympic pool above. The pool, with terraces at each end, runs along the west side of the house.

Like many West Coast cities, Vancouver is in an area of ​​high seismic risk. Thus, a robust structure is required to withstand the significant lateral forces that would result from the large body of water in the pool in the event of an earthquake. Thus, the house is constructed almost entirely of reinforced concrete.

Anaha / Honolulu Hotel

Are you brave enough to swim in a 25-meter high pool? Anaha, a new 40-story residential building in Honolulu, Oahu, offers artistically designed public spaces, shops, restaurants and entertainment – but there is one feature that stands out from the rest: a 24-meter-high glass-bottomed pool.

The pool, designed and planned by Surface Design, projects 4.5 meters from the side of the building, giving swimmers a beautiful view and the feeling of floating in the air. (Probably not the best for people with a fear of heights).

Swimming pool with glass, Valkenswaard / Netherlands

The residence in Valkenswaard, presents daylight in its underground living area. The effect it causes is well-being, relaxation, the desire to take a dip or just fun for the observer.

This glass pool gives the room a very luxurious feel. Fused solid blocks are more transparent than normal glass and are very suitable for the environment. The project was carried out by a Dutch company that develops acrylic glass pool designs.

Residence in North Bondi, Sydney / Australia

This residential project was developed by CpluC Architectural Workshop. Going down through the kitchen, you can see that the floor to ceiling windows allow a unique view of the pool. Wooden furniture complements window frames and wooden shutters.

In the living room, there is a large wooden bench that runs the entire length of the space and additional seats ensure that there is plenty of space for entertainment. Next to the living room there is a small lake at the end of the pool. In these photos you can see how the space above the pool is partially open to the sky and allows sunlight to penetrate.

Sky Pool, Embassy Gardens / London

On a hot summer day in 2013, the team of Hal Currey and Arup Associate worked with structural engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan to develop detailed drawings, showing how the 14 meter distance between 2 buildings could be covered by an acrylic structure .

The teams met to discuss where to insert an outdoor pool inside Embassy Gardens. It was decided that the only large enough space would be between two major buildings in the area. As the thought developed, the challenge was launched: the pool should be in the sky, something transparent so that swimmers could see the ground and the people below could see the sky.

Perhaps this is the most impressive and incredible suspended pool in the world. Located on the top floor (10th) of a building under development, 35 meters from the ground, the structure is 25 meters long, 3 meters deep and almost 6 meters wide. This concept is so incredible that it even seems surreal.

“After swimming, you can look down. It will be like flying.”

Brian Eckersley director of Eckersley O’Callaghan, structural engineers at Sky Pool






Murray Fredericks and Clinton Cole Photography/ 2020


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