The highlight of painting in the entrance halls of your apartment

Often the entrance hall is a space that goes unnoticed or does not receive any special care when it is decorated, which is a great waste. This space in the house can have great potential and in addition to helping to decorate your home it can also become an auxiliary area offering space for storage, positioning decorative objects and support surface for when you arrive or leave the house. Decorate your entrance hall, no matter if it is big, small or an integrated area, and thus welcome your guests overflowing with style.

Bringing a fun and different touch to the entrance hall can be very easy when using paint. With them we can decorate and delimit the region by applying a different color from the one existing in the rest of the house. Choose a color that suits your taste and that fits the decorative style of your home, and if you paint the entire area, just like the examples in the image, it seems too exaggerated for you to choose just one wall to color. Take advantage of the colored wall and position auxiliary furniture, install coat racks or shelves or hang any other type of decorative elements. Nothing better than being welcomed with colors and joy

Finally, vases with plants and flowers are never too much for the vivacity of the house, right? Larger foliage in floor pots, ferns and boa constrictors on the shelf, small plant suspended by a macramé; options abound! See what your little corner is capable of receiving and make your entrance hall practical, welcoming and most importantly: your family’s face

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