Online architecture consultancy

Online architecture consultancy is a service offered by our architects to present solutions, answer questions and make suggestions about projects, purchase of real estate, interior design and everything else that is part of this universe.

It is much faster and more practical than conventional and face-to-face architecture. Thus, it requires less from the professional and allows him to offer a much more affordable value.

All meetings are held online, which provides more flexible hours for the preparation of the work. This type of service is made possible, mainly, by digital facilities such as video meetings, instant information exchange, and screen sharing, allowing professionals to express their ideas with images that serve as a reference for the client.

How could consulting be useful?

Land acquisition

When faced with land, adequate topography, natural ventilation and incidence of sunlight are just a few concerns that must be taken into account when buying land, but few people know how to evaluate these points. This is one of the times when an architect’s consulting service is needed. After all, he can help the customer to make the best decision.

Interior Design

In your home, changing the layout of the furniture, changing the colors of the walls or changing the upholstery of the sofa are small changes that can transform an environment with the help of an architectural consultant. For that, all the professional needs are good images of the place and the exact measurements, in addition to knowing how to listen to the client’s demands and bringing creative solutions.

Purchase of real estate

Having your own home and signing a property purchase contract is a dream and a big responsibility. To ensure that it is a good property, the buyer can hire an architect to monitor and consult. The well-trained eyes of the professional may encounter problems that would pass by those who do not understand much of the subject, in addition to suggesting occasional changes and the best way to arrange the environments.

How to work with architectural consultancy?

As opposed to what happens in a conventional architectural project, architecture consultancy is usually focused on specific issues, which demand quick and less elaborate solutions. Because of this, many consulting professionals can mix this service with other jobs.

Some activities may require face-to-face assistance, such as land consultancy. However, in general, architecture consultancy is a service offered at a distance, thanks to digital media.

Initially, the first activity that the professional does for a consulting job may be very familiar to those who already work in the area: listening to the client’s demands, understanding what he intends to do when hiring the job and what is the budget available for the service.

After having this information at hand, the professional, within a combined period between the two parties, will present the proposal with their considerations and orientations requested by the clients.

How to price the consulting service

Pricing your own work can be a huge challenge, especially for those who are starting to build their career. You can calculate the values ​​from the size of the environments, or the hours it will take to carry out the project, for example.

Invest in your career

In such a competitive market it is important to constantly search for new knowledge, with refresher courses and workshops, in addition to being concerned with quality service and ensuring that the customer will be satisfied with the service provided.

Learn strategies for prospecting customers

In addition to the tips mentioned above, other strategies and care are very important when it comes to prospecting clients for architecture consultancy. Good public speaking, for example, is often instrumental in closing the deal. As well as meeting the right people and having a good working infrastructure.

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