Ideas for winter gardens

The winter garden originates from the cold countries where people wanted to have the green indoors even in the middle of snow. As most plants do not survive in low temperatures, the solution was to create an environment attached to the house, which could be a closed balcony, or an integrated space in a home environment.

Even without snow here in Brazil, low temperatures can cause some plants to suffer. So, see tips on how to decorate or create your own space to keep green close to you at any time of the year.

Choose the best plants

The choice needs to be for the species that best adapt to indoor environments, such as Aloe vera, Areca palm, Lilies of peace, Pau d’Água, Chamaedórea palm, Singonio, Boa, Philo in cascade, Begonia, Zamioculca, Pleomele, Mini Cacti, Succulents, Fern, Sword of Saint George, Maranta, Anthurium, Peace lily, Begonia, Orchid, Fan palm, Dracena, Violets, Bromeliad, Boa constrictor, Pacová, Elephant’s foot, Croton, Peperomia, Rib of Adam, among others species.

And it must be remembered that for each type of plant, different maintenance is necessary, such as paying attention to the amount of water when watering, fertilizing according to the needs of each plant, removing dead leaves and applying fungicides regularly.

Glass doors and partitions

If you are going to separate the winter garden from the rest of the room, use glass doors and partitions. That way your room will be brighter and will make your gardens even more beautiful and highlighted in the environment.

Led lighting and sconces

You can use sconces to light the walls and led lighting for the floor. Using these elements, you will make your conservatory more elegant and with a modern look.

Enjoy natural lighting

Preferably a winter garden without a roof or with a glass roof, so that your plants receive natural light and you can keep them healthier naturally. A very used and very interesting option is the use of skylights, as it is a very elegant way to keep your garden in the room.

The biggest advantage of having a winter garden indoors is being able to enjoy the beauty of your garden in the comfort of indoor spaces, especially for those who live in an apartment or do not have a yard around the house. In these cases, the winter garden becomes a perfect alternative, as it is very flexible and adaptable to various environments.

If you liked the idea, but do not know where to start, here are 12 inspirations that could serve as inspiration for setting up your winter garden.

1.Winter garden under the stairs

The winter garden under the stairs is one of the most common ideas, as it uses an unused space. So, by placing a beautiful combination of plants and decorative details, this simple space is transformed and greatly improves the atmosphere of the house.

2. Winter garden with stones on the walls

Install delicate plants in rustic wall coverings with stones. In addition to complementing the look, the stones are cool and help keep the plants cool and moist.

3. Winter garden in the living room

Set up a winter garden in the living room with a glass door that lets in the light from above and from the sides. In this environment, enjoy and place benches and loungers, transforming into an extra living area.

4. Small winter garden with stones and bark on the ground

Use wide, irregular stones to create a circulation path to the plants. Wrapped cover the ground with bark of trees. With a diversity of plants very well organized, this garden looks like an enchanted mini forest.

5. Winter garden on an enclosed porch

Plants such as ferns, climbing ivy, anthuriums and bromeliads thrive in half shade and are perfect for a covered garden that can be set up on a closed porch in your home.

6. Winter garden with hanging plants

For a more elegant and organized garden, you can choose to cover the walls with wooden veneers. Then make shelves where you can support the hanging plants that fill the wall.

7. Garden in the middle of the house in the open

If you are in a residence with modern architecture, it is common to have double height and openings that can be well explored using the plants.

8. Winter garden in apartment

Use the minimalist concept for those who like to be practical on a daily basis. On an apartment balcony the winter garden can be set up with vases and stones.

9. Small garden in front of the toilet

This is a different, creative idea, with an interesting and beautiful result. In the small entrance space for the toilet, instead of leaving only the floor, a very nice mini garden was installed.

10. Group pots and create a garden

This is the same garden as in the previous image, but from another perspective so that you can observe the idea of composition with vases to make a winter garden more practical.

11. Garden inside the bathroom

The bathroom can be much more charming and renovated with a beautiful garden. See this incredible idea using many elements that make the environment more cheerful in the eyes.

12. Small garden with plants on the floor and walls

Use this idea to make corridors and paths much more elaborate, fresh and interesting.

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