Tips for building a high standard home

If building an exquisite property is in your plans, you need to know that high-end homes require planning from the start. The project must involve qualified professionals and attention at all stages.

In addition, for a property to be considered of a high standard, it needs to have some special characteristics. An original design is created, the finishing material must be first-rate and the lighting must enhance the details.

To help you understand the concept of high-end homes and plan how your luxury property will become a reality, we will show you 7 tips. See what is needed so that the residence of your dreams is at your fingertips!

1.Choose your location carefully

If you choose to build your future residence in a closed condominium, the lot is a very important point for the construction of buildings. The choice to be made to meet the needs of the future resident. Ideally, the definition should be made in partnership with the architect who will design your residence.

This is because he will be able to plan the best positioning of the rooms of the residence, in relation to the positioning of the sun and have a better use of the lot, following the approval guidelines stipulated by the condominium.

2. Hire good professionals

For a fully satisfactory result, it is necessary to assemble a team of engineers, architects, landscapers and interior designers. The quality of the construction of high-end houses will depend a lot on the professionals who are involved in the project.

This team will be responsible for the appropriate choice of materials that will provide comfort and security to the property. The responsible architect will also ensure that the architecture of the house complies with the standards required by the condominium.

Technical knowledge and the experience of the hired professionals will transform your dream into reality. It is important that the dialogue is clear so that the specialists are able to capture the needs of the space and their desires.

3. Check the family’s needs

The lifestyle and needs of each family member need to be taken into account when designing the project. This will guide several important decisions for the definition of the spaces that will be planned.

This orientation will guide you from the number of rooms to the creation of spaces, such as a library, gourmet area, fitness space, music room, among others. External areas also receive direct influence according to how the owners behave.

4. Invest in structural materials

The material for the structure of the house needs to be first rate. Thus, it is recommended to prioritize construction articles that offer strength and durability. Invest in waterproofing baldrames, facades and eaves beams. The choice must take into account resistance to chemical, physical and biological agents.

One of the most popular characteristics in more noble residences is the use of metallic structures that guarantee the beauty of each space, without columns or large visible spans. This solution can be used to meet large spans, without interference from columns. In addition to looking for large openings in relation to the windows, with thin frames that bring plenty of natural light inside the house

In addition, it is important to remember that masonry materials, such as concrete blocks, bricks and ceramic blocks, must follow technical standards to ensure the safety of the building.

The region’s topography and climate also need to be taken into account when choosing materials for civil construction. This point will guide decisions to provide thermal comfort and show if there is a need for acoustic insulation solutions.

5. Pay close attention to the finish

One of the most expensive stages of a work is finishing. About 40% of the cost of the work and spent on finishing. This is also the phase that will most emphasize the refinement of the space. The quality of this stage defines the beauty and standard of the house. Therefore, the details must be carefully chosen.

Examples of finishes include:

– Lowering the ceiling;

– Plaster moldings;

– Crockery, taps and metals for the bathroom and kitchen;

– Floor and wall coverings;

– Lamps, projectors and decorative lighting elements;

– Aluminum, glass and hardwood frames;

– Acrylic textures and paintings;

– Baseboards, sills and sills made of granite and marble;

– Counter marbles, ovens in the kitchen, barbecue or cooktop;

– Planned Furniture.

These are items that, in addition to having decorative functions, determine how cozy and comfortable your home will be.

6. Invest in a landscaping project

Landscaping will give life, bring joy and give that special touch to your home. The landscape professional responsible for this step will create internal and external spaces that, besides being beautiful, provide leisure and relaxation. Living surrounded by greenery and flowers reflects in improving the quality of life and values ​​the environment a lot.

Upscale houses usually require landscaping projects to enrich the place. The specialist may include gazebos, ornamental fountains, a vertical garden, flower beds and, depending on the style of the residents, even a vegetable garden and an orchard.

7. Choosing a gated community

The location is a great differential for a high standard property. In this scenario, the trend towards opting for closed condominiums has grown stronger each year. The developments are well located and offer other types of convenience.

This is because, in a condominium of this type, security is reinforced, since the place has a concierge working for 24 hours, monitoring by cameras, night watch, among other measures aimed at the well-being of residents.

In addition, the closed condominium provides privacy for bolder projects, with facades free of walls and gates, since the residence will be less exposed and targeted at people with malicious intentions, since security is more active.

The condominiums also provide common areas for leisure and socializing. Having shared spaces guarantees a lot of practicality, since you don’t have to worry about maintenance and cleaning services. All of this is the responsibility of the site administrator.

In addition, condominium homes have great potential for appreciation. Therefore, investing in them can be a good choice for resale

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